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       Entertainment Bookings

For over 35 years, Prime Time Entertainment, Inc. has provided Northern California and beyond with top celebrity and regional entertainment booking services.

Sign on with us and we’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure you book the right entertainment for your special event or promotion. We’re there from start to finish, from initial booking, to the day of the event to post-event follow up. And we’ll take care of the details, too. We’ll work with you on:

Researching potential performers and identifying their production and logistical needs;

    * Establishing an approved budget; 

    * Completing the offer process, all the way through artist confirmation;

    *Coordinating the issuance of formal agreements along with technical and           hospitality riders and; 

    *Acquiring any needed promotional materials.



Over the years, we’ve established relationships with an extensive array of entertainment talent, right for virtually any occasion. Look below and on the following pages for the entertainers and entertainment types we can connect you with for your next special event.


For recommendations and information on available promotional materials, give us a call at (925) 449-1724.

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